Mozarts Geburtshaus

Mozart’s Birthhouse

Love Bridge In Salzburg

Love Bridge – Salzburg, Austria

Padlocks and Salzach River - Salzburg

Padlocks Over Salzach River – Salzburg, Austria

Fenmale Dwarf At Mirabell Palace Dwarf Garden

Dwarf Sculpture, Female Dwarf – Mirabell Palace, Salzburg, Austria

Dwarf Garden Sculptures, Mirabell, Salzburg

Dwarf Sculpture – Mirabell Palace, Salzburg, Austria

Chocolates as a statue - Ritter Sport

Ritter Sport Chocolates Statue

City Pissoir - Berlin, Germany

City Pissoir – Berlin

Parking Germany

Parking Sign – Germany

Tourist Info Signs

Tourist Information Signs

0% Exchange Rate

0% Exchange Rate

Train Station Clock

Almost Noon

Prague Train Station

Central Dome At The Train Station – Prague

Prague Main Train Station, Entering Hall

Entering Hall Of The Prague Train Station

Skull And Wrenches

Skull And Wrenches

Red Star In a Blue and White Circle

Red Star

Air to ground missile launcher

Air To Ground MIsiles

YUROM J-22H Orao (Eagle)

YUROM J-22H Orao (Eagle) Strike Aircraft

Number 102

Jet Number 102

Douglas C-47B Skytrain

Douglas C-47B Skytrain – Transport Plane

Paradise Beach - Thassos

Paradise Beach – Thassos

Ski Lift - Downhill

Ski Lift – Downhill

Flowers, Sea and an Island

Flowers And Sea- The Most Perfect View

Rusty Screw Top

Rusty Screw Close Up

Dry Wooden Board

Down The Board

Sea, Sand And Shade

Sea, Sand And Shade

Take A Bite - Roasted Lamb With Patatoes

Take A Bite – Roasted Lamb With Patatoes

A Man And River Gulls

A Man And River Gulls

Red Entrance Doors

Red Building Doors

River Gull Stands Still

River Gull

A Boy At The Children Playground

A Boy At The Children Playground

Seine And Bridges - Paris

Seine And Bridges – Paris

Place De La Concorde Obelisk Top

Obelisk At Place De La Concorde – Paris

Jack and the Magic Beanstalk

Jack and the Magic Beans

C&A Logo with LED lights

C&A Logo

Flags Of France

French Flags


Rental Bycicles

Olive Tree Branch With Olives

Olives On Olive Tree

With Bike To The Grocery Store

Blue Bike With Basket

Fiat 500 Sport Gray

Fiat 500 Sport

French Post Office Logo

French Post Office Logo